About Us

The Azerbaijan Chemical Lime Company was established in 2017 to provide integrated services and to be a complete reference of technical, engineering, research, development, production and trading of the main products of lime and its derivatives.
Due to continuous communication and the need of industrials, producers, consumers and investors of the lime industry to call a specialist in the field of technical, engineering, and commercial lime, as well as to raise awareness of the customers about the type and quality of lime needed and provide it easy and with an affordable price, this company attracted the cooperation and formed a circle of experienced experts in the industry and started its work.
This company is the first fully specialized group in the industry of lime, which provides extensive advisory, educational, design, engineering, as well as distribution of lime.
The main policy of the company is the factory-free production holding, the proximity and speed of production delivery to the customer, production with the highest possible quality and on-time delivery, and the application of science and innovation in advancement and furtherance of this industry.
Thanks to the high technical knowledge and precious experience of years of continuous activity of its members in different units of lime industry in our country, we are proud to take a long and lasting step in this industry and bring a huge heritage of knowledge, technology and experience to the upcoming young and thoughtful generation.
We sincerely tighten up your dear hands and ask all of your loved ones to cooperate with us in the advancement of science and success, and to work hand in hand for economic progress.